Always Have a Good Story

“Street brawl.” I say when someone asks about the cast on my mother’s hand.

“I’m a silly old lady who fell, again. Don’t lie.”

“Perving at a man and tripped.”

“Stop it.” She’s blushing.

“Closer to the truth?”

Laughing with her, I hope this isn’t the beginning of the end.

4 Replies to “Always Have a Good Story”

  1. This could so easily have veered into cheesy, but that last line was just the right amount of concern and potential darkness to ground it beautifully in reality and make it very relatable to those of us with ageing parents.

  2. When parents start to get old, it does get a bit frightening. I love the laughter in this but then the twinge of sadness in the end.

  3. I am impressed. Great use of layout and structure build in pauses that let the scene sink in. Somehow you conveyed the relationship and humor of your characters, and the ending was fantastic.

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