Birth Notice

“There’s a lady at the door, Grandma.”

The telephone was screwed to the wall. I pulled its twisty cord, as far as I could, to see who the three-year-old had been talking to.


Hospital hold music played Opus Number One.

“The lady said there’s something wrong with Mommy’s baby.”  

I dropped the phone and ran.

But when I opened the door, nothing was there. 



17 Replies to “Birth Notice”

  1. I really like how smoothly your story connects the reader to the hospital and what events must be happening there without ever needing to shift the setting. It was a really impressive use of such a small amount of words.

    1. There are great internet rabbit holes you can fall down with the freaky things kids say. It’s so entertaining. And terrifying. Thanks for reading, Jolan!

  2. You did a great job of dropping little hints to paint a bigger picture – from the title to the hospital hold music. I like the mystery of the lady at the door – who was she? Or rather, whose ghost?

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